In case you are experiencing an issue with an EZ VPNTM service, we strongly recommend checking first the EZ VPNTM Open Incidents section and eventually request support from our technicians.

Open incidents

In the Open Incidents section, you will find information about incidents related to EZ VPNTM services that are impacting users.

To check this section:

  1. Click Open Incidents menu.
<iocon></icon> Open incidents

Request support

In case you are experiencing an issue and the Open Incidents section does not report your issue, do not hesitate to contact the EZ VPNTM technical support team.

To request support:

  1. Click Request support menu.
  2. Describe your issue by typing your request in the Problem description field.
  3. Click Submit button to send the request support.
<iocon></icon> Request support

Alternatively, you can also request support via email. Send an email to:

Please check the Request Support section for further details.