Redeem a code

When use a code

Any time you need to activate a Data Stash provided by EZ VPNTM support, please follow the procedure below:

  1. Click Redeem a code menu.
  2. Type Your code provided by the EZ VPNTM support.
  3. Click Redeem button.
<iocon></iocon> Redeem a code

In case you need to renew your data plan please visit the Renew section of the IOconTM configuration

Data Stash

Data Stash "recharge" the account with an additional slot of data that can be used automatically by your EZ Boxes when necessary.

When Auto Data Stash is enabled for the EZ BoxTM device and the monthly EZ BoxTM data limit has been reached, Auto Data Stash allows your EZ BoxTM to use 1.00GB multiples of your available data stash.

Data Stash is shared automatically among all the EZ BoxTM within the same account and you can check the amount of the remaining data stash in the dashboard of the management website:

<iocon></iocon> dashboard data stash

To take full advantage of the Data Stash feature, be sure Auto Data Stash is enabled for all your EZ BoxTM devices.

Data Stash can be purchased from the EZ VPN store.