EZ VPNTM allow to easily connect to your office, home network or remotely support your industrial machine from anywhere.

VPNs (Virtual Private Networks) allow you to create a virtual private network ensuring privacy, anonymity and data security through an encrypted communication tunnel between devices that are not connected to the same LAN.

For inexperienced users, installing a VPN, is a time consuming and complicated task. That's why EZ VPNTM, Inc. developed a simple and affordable solution that lets everyone create a secure VPN connection.

EZ VPNTM allows you to connect to a remote office or to your home without being a network expert and with a very fast implementation time. All you need to do is connect an EZ BoxTM at the location you want to access remotely and you're done.

Through a simple web management interface, you can control users, limit user's access to a specific subnet, enable/disable users and much more.

You will not need to change the router and firewall configuration, open ports, and the generation of CA (Certification Authority) and much more.

Just connect the EZ BoxTM to the remote network and create an account on the EZ VPNTM Management Website. That's it.