EZ VPNTM API allows you to deploy, provision, and manage VPN tunnels to your remote networks. With the EZ VPNTM API, you do not need to manually act on the management site. You can deploy and manage as many EZ Boxes and Users as you wish by writing your script or from your code or your applications.

To authorize the EZ VPNTM API you need to first enable it. You can enable the API by following the instructions below:

  1. Click the profile account into the top right section of the management interface.
  2. Click Developer
<iocon></iocon> Development menu
  1. Type the password of the EZ VPNTM account.
  2. Click Enable API button to activate API.
<iocon></iocon> Development form
  1. Click Copy button to copy the key to your PC clipboard.

Take note of your new credentials and keep them in a safe place. You will NOT be able to recover your new keys in any way.

  1. Click Disable API to disable API keys.
<iocon></iocon> Development keys

Developers documentation

To lean more about EZ VPNTM developers API, please visit the EZ VPNTM API web site.