VPN Client

Need a VPN Client?

To connect IOconTM service from your PC, you will need an OpenVPN Client.

All OpenVPN clients are compatible to connect to EZ VPNTM IOconTM service.

EZ VPNTM provides its own free EZ ConnectTM client to make the most out of the IOconTM service. EZ ConnectTM client, as well as other compatible OpenVPN clients, are available for download on the EZ VPNTM management website.

Please visit the EZ ConnectTM client section of this documentation for detailed information about EZ ConnectTM.

To download a client:

  1. Click Need a VPN client? menu.
  2. Click Download latest EZ Connect Suite button if you need the client for Windows 10 OS.
  3. Click Download latest EZ Connect Client button if you need the client for Windows 10 and you already have an OpenVPN GUI installed.
EZ ConnectTM Client does not contain any OpenVPN dependency; it needs an OpenVPN service to work correctly.
4. If you prefer to keep using your preferred OpenVPN client you have already installed on your PC, you can do so. Just download the certificate, import it into the OpenVPN client, and you are all set. 5. You can also use an OpenVPN client for the most common mobile platforms.
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Request support

In case you experience a problem with any of the EZ VPNTM services and please contact EZ VPNTM support by following this prompt:

  1. Click Request support menu
  2. In the Problem description section, type your request and give as much information as possible.
  3. Click Submit button to send the request.

Support technicians will contact you as soon as possible.

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