Download EZ Connect

EZ ConnectTM is supplied i two different packages:
  1. EZ ConnectTM Suite (Windows 10 or above).
EZ ConnectTM Suite embeds OpenVPN 2.4.9, and does not require you to install any additional software to work.Most clients download this version if they are unsure of what version of EZ ConnectTM client is needed (Suite or Client).
  1. EZ ConnectTM Client (Windows 10 or above).

This version is developed for advanced users. If you already have an OpenVPN GUI installed, you can install this "client only" version.
EZ ConnectTM Client does not contain any OpenVPN dependency; it needs an OpenVPN service to work correctly.


Once the EZ ConnectTM installation package has been downloaded to your PC, double click the executable file (ezconnect-suite.exe) to proceed with setup.

Please note that the user needs administrative privilege to install EZ ConnectTM. Be sure the proper user account is used before proceeding.

<ezconnect></ezconnect> install icon
EZ ConnectTM Suite setup automatically executes several installations.
  1. Click Install button.
<ezconnect></ezconnect> install icon

Wait until the installation is completed.

<ezconnect></ezconnect> install icon
<ezconnect></ezconnect> install icon
  1. Click Finish button to complete the first installation.
<ezconnect></ezconnect> install icon
  1. Click Next button to proceed with the finalization of the installation.
<ezconnect></ezconnect> install icon
  1. Click Finish button to complete the setup.
<ezconnect></ezconnect> install icon

Configure low privileged users

Restricted users or users with no administrative privilege on the PC will need to belong to the "OpenVPN Administrators" local group in order to run EZ ConnectTM and connect to EZ BoxTM.

Log in to the PC with an administrative account and perform the following task:

  1. Click the Search button.
  2. Type compmgmt.msc and click enter to open the computer management tool.
<ezconnect></ezconnect> install icon
  1. Click Local Users and Groups item to expand its content.
  2. Click Groups
  3. Double click on OpenVPN Administrators group.
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  1. Click Add button to add a user.
<ezconnect></ezconnect> install icon
  1. Type the user name of the user you need to add.
  2. Click Check Names button to verify the username you have typed.
  3. Click OK button to add the user.
<ezconnect></ezconnect> install icon
  1. Click OK button to confirm the user name.
<ezconnect></ezconnect> install icon

The added low privilege user is now able to run EZ ConnectTM and connect to the EZ BoxTM.