EZ ConnectTM is the EZ VPNTM client provided free of charge to all EZ VPNTM customers.

With EZ ConnectTM users can connect to any EZ BoxTM device easily and quickly. Also, by using EZ ConnectTM you will be able to see and connect to all EZ BoxTM you have been granted access to from one single location.

EZ ConnectTM is developed by EZ VPNTM with the goal to be easy to use while keeping a high level of security. EZ ConnectTM is 100% compliant and compatible with OpenVPN. EZ ConnectTM is a wrap of OpenVPN. This means that no lines of the OpenVPN code is modified by EZ VPNTM ensuring the integrity and compatibility with the OpenVPN protocols and standards.

With EZ ConnectTM there is no need to download the user certificate from the EZ VPNTM management website. EZ ConnectTM will download the certificate for you and use it to connect when necessary. User certificate is downloaded when you connect to an EZ BoxTM and released when you disconnect. EZ ConnectTM doesn't store user certificate on your PC, which enhances the level of security of EZ ConnectTM compared to other OpenVPN clients

EZ ConnectTM automatically updates when a new version is released.

To take full advantage of EZ VPNTM technology and products we recommend using EZ ConnectTM client.

EZ ConnectTM Client is currently available for the following platforms: Microsoft Windows 10 any versions.
  • Versions for MacOS and Linux are also coming soon.

Please visit the "Need a VPN client?" page if you need a client for a different operating system.